To treat impotence that has physical causes, it is best to look for a board certified urologist who has special training and experience and has attended postgraduate courses on the subject of impotence or, as a second choice, a primary care physician with special interest and knowledge of sexual problems.
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If an implant is recommended, the urologist should be proficient with all types of implants; the choice should be up to you.

If medication needs to be changed, it is best to discuss this with your internist, cardiologist or psychiatrist so that dosages can be reduced or medicines changed to allow normal erections.
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If the problem is not physical you should see a mental health professional, such as a sex therapist, marital-family therapist, or psychiatrist with a knowledge of sexual dysfunction.

To help find a qualified physician;
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Call your local medical center or hospital and ask for the Department of Urology. Tell them that you are looking for a specialist in impotence.
Speak with your primary care physician and ask him if he knows a urologist who specializes in impotence. When you call the urologist it is best if you don’t immediately say that you are looking for someone to treat impotence, but instead ask what areas the urologist specializes in. If impotence is one of the first three areas mentioned, you may presume that this doctor treats many patients for impotence or sexual dysfunction, and is better trained and has more experience than doctors who do not have this as a specialty. You may wish to ask how many patients with sexual dysfunction the urologist has treated in the last year. If he has treated several hundred patients then he could be considered an expert.


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